Panem et Circenses

Panem et Circenses

And came the hour for panem et circenses, for the promised bread and circuses, and the people’s demands grew louder until they were given, not as much as they wanted or expected, but it was what they were given, and they ate the bread while laughing in the circus at the fear and pleading on the faces below, faces which had once been above. They laughed and chewed as pale flesh was ripped and bones broken, as the dark blood pooled across the circus floor, and when the cries below had gone silent, the people drifted home, sated and mollified for that day and the next, praising their new emperor and forgiving him much, until they began to grow hungry again, and the emperor was slow in providing, and another rose up among them, promising to provide panem et circenses, and faces below which had once been above.




Character always matters. Always. The character of a man is who he is. Character is definition, self-made. It defines what a man will do, how he will do it, and what he will not do. Discount or dismiss the character of a man at your peril.

The predator preys at convenience. Awaiting opportunity, he employs camouflage, subterfuge, stealth, while studying and testing his targets’ weaknesses, vulnerabilities. The weakness of many is simply their failure, their refusal or inability to identify the predator for what he is, their failure to take seriously the threat of what he has proven himself to be. . . . The mind, too, fights or takes flight. The danger is in the mind taking flight while the body, vulnerable, remains. . . . The predator lies low, slinks in, bush to bush through the grasses until he is within the herd. The danger is sensed—the subtle sounds, not quite right, the unusual lines shifting through the tall blades. The wary few raise alarm. The herd stops, raising their heads, scanning, listening. But the stalker has stopped too, holding, waiting – waiting until their guard is lowered again. The prey always lower their heads again eventually, their hunger winning out over mindfulness.

Out of the thick silence, the dust boils and the strike is made. The screams of the dying will long remain with those who escape — until it is forgotten again, forgotten that the character of a man always matters. Always.

Review copies of A New Eden

Review copies of A New Eden

I have a limited number of pre-release review copies of A NEW EDEN, in the Kindle edition, to give away today in exchange for a review sometime over the next 30 days. Just write “I’ll review” in the comments below, and I’ll have one sent to you. (You’ll want to have read Part I, GENESIS, first.)  UPDATE: Offer open until 9 p.m. Pacific tonight, Wednesday, July 27th.

A NEW EDEN: “Journalist Paige Keller, while recovering at a resort from an overseas assignment, is drawn into a remote community dominated by a fundamentalist church, a family of real estate developers, and a group of environmentalists, all in conflict over control of the valley’s future. She goes undercover to discover what lies beneath the church’s rituals and sacred ceremonies, but the more she learns, the deeper the valley’s mysteries and seductions become.”

A NEW EDEN is the second part of the acclaimed IDOLATRY saga, the story of a wealthy young heir and a devout Christian girl who find themselves at the heart of an age-old struggle for the soul of Western Civilization.

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 Mujahid ~ “A screenplay jihadists will hate and civilized people will love…. Set in Chicago during the holiday season, the story involves a conflict between Husam, a young Muslim man who takes Islam seriously, and his younger brother Jasim. The conflict escalates after Husam is handed a heavy bag by a bearded man and gets on a bus heading downtown…. How is the conflict resolved? In an immensely satisfying way—as fans of Cordair’s work would expect.” — Daniel Wahl, The Objective Standard. Running time: approx. 30 minutes.


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For me

For me

I’m not so much against Islam as I am against religion.
I’m not so much against religion as I am against mysticism.
I’m not so much against mysticism as I am against faith.
I’m not so much against faith as I am for reason.
I’m not so much for reason as I am for life.
I’m not so much for life as I am for my life.
I am for my life.
I am for me.



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Genesis cover art 100215 w borderEnjoy Genesis, Part I of Idolatry   In the twilight of the Roman Empire, a sculptor struggles to keep an 800-year dream alive while honoring the love of his life and raising his adopted son. Part I of the epic five-part Idolatry saga, the story of a wealthy young heir and a devout Christian girl who find themselves at the heart of a 2400-year struggle for the soul of Western Civilization.

“Beautifully written, on the order of Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth, with the historical insight of James Michener, it brings to life a time of great thought, great art, and its clash with religious fanaticism. Cordair writes with a poet’s sense of scene and nuance and gives us a great deal of insight into the mind of a sculptor; I found this an exciting and easy read.” ~ Alan Nitikman

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In three-quarter time…

In three-quarter time…

(excerpt from Chapter 13 of A New Eden…)

When she came to him, his left hand took her right. His right hand went to the small of her back. As he moved her in a slow circle to the country waltz, she closed her eyes, willing herself to let go.

Would that you could be
Mine then we would be
All that two should be,
Dancing in time. . . .

He had drawn her close, and it was all she could do to keep from leaning in and letting her cheek rest against his, from letting her lips brush his neck, to taste the leather and prairie grass after a thunderstorm. . . .

Though close, I miss you,
Long so to kiss you,
It would be bliss to
Write our own rhyme. . . .

The world had gone away and she didn’t want it back—



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