I have a limited number of pre-release review copies of A NEW EDEN, in the Kindle edition, to give away today in exchange for a review sometime over the next 30 days. Just write “I’ll review” in the comments below, and I’ll have one sent to you. (You’ll want to have read Part I, GENESIS, first.)  UPDATE: Offer open until 9 p.m. Pacific tonight, Wednesday, July 27th.

A NEW EDEN: “Journalist Paige Keller, while recovering at a resort from an overseas assignment, is drawn into a remote community dominated by a fundamentalist church, a family of real estate developers, and a group of environmentalists, all in conflict over control of the valley’s future. She goes undercover to discover what lies beneath the church’s rituals and sacred ceremonies, but the more she learns, the deeper the valley’s mysteries and seductions become.”

A NEW EDEN is the second part of the acclaimed IDOLATRY saga, the story of a wealthy young heir and a devout Christian girl who find themselves at the heart of an age-old struggle for the soul of Western Civilization.

2 thoughts on “Review copies of A New Eden

    1. Excellent! Thanks so much, Danny. Should be in your inbox anytime now. If you don’t see it within the next few minutes, check your spam folder for an email from Amazon. I’ve had several people find it in their spam/trash folder.

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