MUJAHID ~ Free today and tomorrow

mujahid cover 011815a
 A little anti-ISIS, pro-West antidote for the soul, FREE to download today through midnight Pacific tomorrow, Friday 6/17:

 Mujahid ~ “A screenplay jihadists will hate and civilized people will love…. Set in Chicago during the holiday season, the story involves a conflict between Husam, a young Muslim man who takes Islam seriously, and his younger brother Jasim. The conflict escalates after Husam is handed a heavy bag by a bearded man and gets on a bus heading downtown…. How is the conflict resolved? In an immensely satisfying way—as fans of Cordair’s work would expect.” — Daniel Wahl, The Objective Standard. Running time: approx. 30 minutes.


Download today on Amazon here…  

Mujahid is #1 in its category on Amazon this afternoon…

Number 1 061616


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