The *Lunch Break* collection of my short stories and poems is now available on Kindle @

“A selection of short stories and poems by acclaimed writer Quent Cordair from two decades of early work, including stories originally selected for publication by *The Altantean Press Review* and *ART Ideas.*

Selected Stories — “A Prelude to Pleasure,” “April’s Justice,” “The Whistler,” “The Seduction of Santi Banesh,” “For the Woman Who Has Everything,” “The Sculpture That Won the War,” “The Hunter” and “Sheltered.”

Selected Poems — “My Pledge,” “Holding Your Hand,” “The Line,” “Your Hands,” “Priceless,” “In My World,” “Suite Boxes,” “For My Softest One” and “Clever Girl.”

Three of the stories, “A Prelude to Pleasure,” “The Seduction of Santi Banesh,” and “Sheltered” are available separately for Kindle. “Sheltered” is additionally in paperback.

“Written with an engaging voice and a masterful control of language, this powerful short story delivers a meaningful message…” – Michael Alger, review of “Sheltered,” Kindle edition.

“A beautiful, innocent young girl discovers this-worldly values and makes the most important decision of her life. That’s about all there is to this story, and yet it is a delicious pleasure to read. Cordair’s descriptions of the city, his insight into the various psychologies of the characters, his metaphors, and especially his admirable heroine, all combine to take the reader on a joyous journey of discovery, right along with Santi. The ending is one of the most perfect I’ve ever encountered, summing up the benevolence of the whole experience with its simplicity and inevitability. Cordair has seduced me – his is the type of world that I choose to live in.” — Amy Mossoff, review of “The Seduction of Santi Banesh,” Kindle edition.

“I read this story during recovery from a painful hip fracture and found it so absorbing that it took my mind off the post-operative pain. So perhaps one way of praising it would be to say, ‘it’s better than Percocet’!” — Paul Hsieh, review of “A Prelude to Pleasure,” Kindle edition.

“This short story was delightful to read. In contrast to the dull, prosaic prose of so much fiction today, Cordair beautifully paints for the reader the psychological state of a man driven by fear and how this manifests itself in his life. The progression of events is logical and the ending of the story is ultimately fulfilling in the sense that when the inevitable turn of events unfold, the reader is left with the thought that, given the nature of the characters and their circumstances, this is how it ought to have been. Moreover, Cordair seems to have a gift for grasping exactly how much detail a reader needs of an environment and of a character, such that the story comes alive and is engaging, but I never once felt like I was forced to read unnecessary facts that are irrelevant to the plot. After reading this book, I immediately purchased on my Kindle his other short story, A Prelude to Pleasure, and I’m looking forward to his release of his full-length novel.” — Adam Mossoff, review of “Sheltered,” Kindle edition.

“I enjoyed this very much. The less I say in this review, the better. I wouldn’t want to steal any of the pleasure that comes from reading it, being drawn in, liking some characters, disliking others, cheering some on and sometimes being moved to tears. Enjoy!” — Sal Durante, review of “A Prelude to Pleasure,” Kindle edition.

“With imagination and story-telling skill, Quent Cordair weaves an exquisite tale that leaves the reader wanting more.” — Michael Wilkinson, review of “The Seduction of Santi Banesh,” Kindle edition.

“What a wonderful journey….! Amazing job of character development in such a short story. An entertaining read with a great message about priorities and values. Read it, you won’t be disappointed.” — John Cerasuolo, review of “Sheltered,” Kindle edition.

Purchase the paperback edition, or download your Kindle copy today


5 thoughts on “*Lunch Break* Collection now available!

  1. Thanks, B.E.! Btw, what do you think of the price? I was vacillating between $3.95 and $4.95…. And yes, I might need assistance listing this one on Goodreads too, but I’ll see if they’ll let me do it now that I’m in their system as an author. Will let you know if I’m still stymied. I also need to figure out how to get some reviews on the stories on Goodreads; haven’t yet quite figured out how to get exposure over there.

      1. Great! I’m so glad Goodreads is letting you upload your stories now. Let me know if there’s anything you need, and I’ll do what I can. I thought your pricing was fine. Sure, t might deter someone who has no idea who you are or what you write – specifically the 99 cent crowd – but I don’t think anyone who knows your work will be put off by the $4.95 price point. I know I wasn’t. =o)

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