“A year and six days underground without sunlight or breeze or contact with the world above—whatever might be left of the world above. A year and six days without touch, without unrecorded voice, without contact, without friends or family. If only they had listened, if only they had been ready. But he—he had prepared. He was Reginald B. Wakefield, and he hadn’t died. A wave of vindication washed over him, lifting and sweeping away all doubt and fear. He had been right. He raised his eyes again to the hatch cover above. . . . He had been right.”

In “Sheltered,” the timely and popular short story by Quent Cordair, a man follows his own course in response to fears of impending disaster and societal breakdown.

The story is included in the *Lunch Break* collection of short stories and poems, now available on Amazon.

“I’m amazed how much this story has stuck with me over the past month! Usually, I’m all for the bright and cheery in pleasure reading, but these characters are so exquisitely drawn that I delved right into their less playful world. The author does a beautiful job of addressing the real life issue of objectively assessing risks via the actions of characters that feel equally real. It’s a powerful story worth reading!” — R. Miner

Enjoy now in paperback or on Kindle…

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