(excerpt from Chapter 13 of A New Eden…)

When she came to him, his left hand took her right. His right hand went to the small of her back. As he moved her in a slow circle to the country waltz, she closed her eyes, willing herself to let go.

Would that you could be
Mine then we would be
All that two should be,
Dancing in time. . . .

He had drawn her close, and it was all she could do to keep from leaning in and letting her cheek rest against his, from letting her lips brush his neck, to taste the leather and prairie grass after a thunderstorm. . . .

Though close, I miss you,
Long so to kiss you,
It would be bliss to
Write our own rhyme. . . .

The world had gone away and she didn’t want it back—



From Chapter 13 of A NEW EDEN, Part II of IDOLATRY, available to read tomorrow (password required) for those on my “Let Me Know” mailing list. Please sign up here for my latest novel chapters, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, screenplays, audiobook editions…. Thank you for reading!

Copyright 2016, Quent Cordair. All rights reserved.


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