Genesis Audible cover 050416a
Genesis audiobook cover art

Update 5/13/16! The audiobook of Genesis, Part I of Idolatry, is now available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.


Cover art for the audiobook: check.
Audio files from narrator: check.
Audio editing software: check….

Robin Field medium
Genesis narrator, acclaimed voice actor Robin Field

In the twilight of the Roman Empire, a sculptor struggles to keep an 800-year dream alive while honoring the love of his life and raising his adopted son. Part I of the epic five-part Idolatry series, the story of a wealthy young heir and a devout Christian girl who find themselves at the heart of a 2400-year struggle for the soul of Western Civilization….

Genesis audio files from Robin Field

“Beautifully written, on the order of Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth, with the historical insight of James Michener, it brings to life a time of great thought, great art, and its clash with religious fanaticism. Cordair writes with a poet’s sense of scene and nuance and gives us a great deal of insight into the mind of a sculptor; I found this an exciting and easy read.” ~ Alan Nitikman

Audacity audio-editing software for editing & formatting audio files

UPDATE 5/6/2016: Everything has been formatted and uploaded to If all goes well in review, we should be live with the audiobook edition in 10-14 days. To be notified when the audiobook edition is available on Amazon, Audible & iTunes, please join my mailing list .

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