Suite Boxes

(by the grace of J.S. Bach)

Came gift after gift, suite boxes of sixes,
Soft muffle of canon rolled in from the sea,
A fugue led us laughing through harmony hedges,
A maze to a garden delight.

The tumbles of flora, so masterfully petalled,
A founting of blue rising high till it fell.
We left the day’s dress behind waterfall curtain,
Stepped through to wash memory away.

We waded cascades till the river ran deeply,
Surrendered all will to the strength of still flow,
We lay on the shore, souls quiet and shining.
The sun dried us softly to sleep.

Away once again to the place we remember,
To rest from the burden of so far to go.
A secret bridge shared to the call of sweet cello,
Hands held, we close our eyes.


From the Lunch Break collection of short stories and poems. Now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

Visit my current project, the Idolatry series, Part II of which is currently being published chapter by chapter online.

Copyright 2012, Quent Cordair. All rights reserved.

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