To the best that’s within you,
To your lift and your try,
To your will to see dawn,
To your laugh while you cry,

To your hope through the sorrow,
To your float over pain,
To your push through the dark,
To your dance in the rain,

To your rise from the ash,
To your straightening the bend,
To your fire to the lie,
To your go till the end,

To your cutting the knot,
To your swearing anew,
To your mind of your own,
To your you being you.

 – Quent Cordair

The Evening Tree, painting and poem by Quent Cordair. Now available as a signed print @ Quent Cordair Fine Art, http://www.cordair.com. The print measures 11″ x 14.” Signed by the artist/author. Introductory price: $95. Contact the gallery today @ 707-255-2242 or email art@cordair.com.

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