“But in your worst and darkest moments, remember that you have seen another kind of world. Remember that you can reach it whenever you choose to see. Remember that it will be waiting and that’s real, it’s possible — it’s real.” ~ Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead


Life is short, it’s oft remarked,
Too short, they’ll say, and drift another day,
Mile markers passing, gravestones fey,
Dreams once held like children dear
Last seen along the desert way,
Standing on the baked road shoulder,
Staring in mute disbelief at the pulling away,
Awaiting the change of heart, surely,
A regretful glance back, at least—
Left, dry-eyed and hopeful, with nothing
But to watch the defining lines of intent
Merge and melt into the distant liquid lure,
The languorous placidity that laps against
The morrow and morrow,
The eternal someday into which
The only one who might ever return for them
      has disappeared.

~ Quent Cordair

14 May 2020

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