ALERT to those who have already downloaded the audiobook of A NEW EDEN, Part II of IDOLATRY, or for those considering purchasing. I’ve been alerted by a listener this morning that the current audiobook available of A NEW EDEN somehow ends with Chapter 11 — but there are 15 chapters total! (Audible was doing a system upgrade recently — I suspect some chapter files may have been lost in a server migration). This is deeply frustrating and disappointing, but regardless the cause, please know that the situation will be corrected shortly. Those who have already purchased, please see #3 below on how you can help me identify and resolve the problem.

1. If you have not already purchased the audiobook of A NEW EDEN, please wait to purchase until the problem is resolved. Stay tuned. Please let me know if you’d like to be notified when the corrected edition is available.

2. If you *have* already purchased, know that the problem will be corrected a.s.a.p. I don’t yet know if Audible will simply provide those who have already purchased with a corrected copy, or if we’ll need to go through a refund/repurchase process. Please contact me if you’ve already purchased so that I can follow up on ensuring that you receive the full, corrected book.

3. If you’ve already downloaded a copy, can you do me a big favor by letting me know a) when you purchased, and b) if your copy ends with Chapter 11 (last words: “…with complete adoration”) or with Chapter 15 (last words: “…like a branch in the wind”) There are closing credits on *both* versions. This will be very helpful in determining when and how the error occurred. We need evidence of when the problem occurred.

Thank you! And my very sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. The last four chapters are the best! Worth waiting for, I hope.

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