From Chapter 12 of A New Eden, Part II of Idolatry

“Honesto, there was a lullaby we learned when the choir came to your country a couple of summers ago. Would you like to hear it? You must know it.”

He nodded.

She cradled his head, rocking him, wiping him down as she sang:

Ili-ili tulog anay.
Wala diri imong nanay.
Kadto tienda bakal papay.
Ili-ili tulog anay. . . .

There was a smile on his lips. His eyes had closed. Skye glanced despairingly at Simon. She sang it again, in English:

Little one, sleep for a while.
Your mother is not here.
She went to market to buy some bread.
Little one, sleep for a while. . . .

“Honesto?” She shook him gently. She sighed, despairing. “Oh, Honesto . . .”


You can now enjoy Skye’s lullaby, as sung by the beautiful and talented Florencia Ristagno Roca….. (the singing starts about 30 seconds into the video)

Discover more of the Idolatry story here….


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