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Born in 1964 in southern Illinois, Quent Cordair was raised in an insular, fundamentalist religious sect. In his childhood, he fell in love with books at the local library, a treasured door to the outside world. After an enlistment in the U.S. Marines, he launched his writing career, with his first short story published in 1991 by the Atlantean Press Review. Attempts to sell his second book door to door failed. To support his writing, he waited tables, worked as a security guard, stocked groceries, and stuffed envelopes on the graveyard shift at a mail-processing center, among other sundry jobs. Teaching himself how to paint, he began taking portrait commissions from his easel in a local park. After exhibiting in street fairs for two years, he opened his own gallery in 1996. Expanding and relocating in 2008 to Napa, California, Quent Cordair Fine Art represents the work of more than two dozen Romantic Realist painters and sculptors of international renown. With the gallery now managed by his wife, Linda Cordair, the author’s attentions are turned fully to his writing. His acclaimed short stories, screenplays and novels are drawn from his lifetime of experience and interests in romance, adventure, individualism, religion, history, politics, philosophy and art. The Cordairs live in Napa with their cats, Lexie and Sadie, and their border collie, Mollie.


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