Thanks for the reviews!

Amy Mossoff posted the following review on Amazon for The Seduction of Santi Banesh:

FIVE STARS  “A delicious pleasure to read. A beautiful, innocent young girl discovers this-worldly values and makes the most important decision of her life. That’s about all there is to this story, and yet it is a delicious pleasure to read. Cordair’s descriptions of the city, his insight into the various psychologies of the characters, his metaphors, and especially his admirable heroine, all combine to take the reader on a joyous journey of discovery, right along with Santi. The ending is one of the most perfect I’ve ever encountered, summing up the benevolence of the whole experience with its simplicity and inevitability. Cordair has seduced me – his is the type of world that I choose to live in.”

Thanks, Amy! We’re looking for at least ten reviews on Amazon for each story, and we’re up to five so far for The Seduction of Santi Banesh. Can any other readers post a short review over the next day or three? Amazon requires only twenty words for a review — i.e., perhaps two short sentences worth. Thanks so much in advance for any help. Happy reading!

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