Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography (Kindle Edition)

I’ve just posted a five-star review of the Kindle edition of Dr. Dianne Durante’s Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography:

This is an excellent introduction to Hamilton, particularly for anyone looking for more than a Wikipedia entry but less than a voluminous tome. The engaging presentation is well balanced; it includes not only the words and actions of Hamilton himself but enlightening quotes from his contemporaries, both friends and enemies – Washington, Jefferson, Adams et al. Not one to dryly recite dates and events (though a valuable timeline is included), Dr. Durante relates, in an informative and thought-provoking style, the historical context necessary for beginning to understand and assess the man and his accomplishments, while providing excellent references and resources for those who wish to pursue further study. Durante also relates the circumstances of, and reasons for, the existence of the four Hamilton statues in Manhattan – a tribute to the regard in which his fellow New Yorkers held him well into the early 20th century. From his start as an orphan on a Caribbean island to his ambitious rise to becoming one of the central figures in the creation of a new republic, Hamilton was both revered and loathed, but he was nothing if not significant. Finally, not to be overlooked, herein one also finds the answer to the question in the unforgettable “Got Milk?” commercial: “Who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?”

Those of you who attended our 2008 QCFA Arts Cruise (ah the memories) will fondly recall Dr. Durante‘s excellent lectures on art history and art appreciation. This is her first foray into e-publishing, with much more to come in the near future. We wish her well and look forward to having more of her fine work available for e-readers.




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